Secret Formula to Brew the Best Home-made Kadha for Immunity

Gaining a stronger immunity has never been more important than now. Bring together simple ingredients from your kitchen to make this superb concoction.

We’ve always heard from our grandma how beneficial home-made kadhas are in building immunity. Remember how she would instantly brew up a concoction with ingredients from her kitchen, whenever you coughed, caught cold or had a stomach spasm. However, immunity cannot be built in a day. You need to steadfastly work towards building up your immunity to lead a healthy and disease-free life, and this secret ‘kadha’ recipe will aid you in achieving that goal sooner than later.

It is a very simple recipe that can be instantly made with ingredients available in your kitchen.


  • Black pepper
  • Black cardamom
  • Clove
  • Tulsi leaves, Cinnamon
  • Honey or jaggery
  • Ginger


  • Take a few cups of water in a saucepan and add 5 tulse leaves in it. Leave it overnight.
  • Next day, take the saucepan with tulsi leaves and add black pepper, black cardamom, clove and ginger to it.
  • Boil the water with all these ingredients till the time it is reduced to a glassful.
  • Before you start sipping on this ‘kadha,’ you can add honey or jaggery in order to sweeten it.


The humble ginger, that is a part of every Indian kitchen, is used to cure various ailments. Medical research has proved that ginger is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that give a boost to the immune system, when consumed on a regular basis.

Black pepper and cardamom are other two kitchen staples that are used for many more things than just adding flavour to your food. Both these ingredients, with their ‘ immunomodulatory’ and ‘anti-tumor’ activities are highly beneficial in promoting a healthy immune system.

Tulsi doesn’t need an introduction in any Indian household. We all have resorted to its beneficial and healing properties time and again. A cup of tulsi infused tea is all that is needed to get rid of cold and flu. Clove and cinnamon too are storehouses of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help build our immunity to fight various ailments.

Now that we know how much benefit we can derive of these staple kitchen ingredients, lets bring them all together and sip our way to a better immunity!

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