Seven most expensive food ingredients in the world

Let’s have a look at some rare food ingredients which make a food connoisseur want to spend an insane amount of money.

What would be an ultimate indulgence for you if you have an awful lot of money? Let see, how about buying the costliest ingredients for your kitchen pantry that you would use in your food. Surprised? Well, don’t be as there are many who are ready to spend a fortune to savour the taste of some of the most outrageously priced food ingredients in the world.

So, hold on to your purse strings as we take you through our list of the most expensive food ingredients.

  1. Saffron: This aromatic spice costs anything between $500-$5000 per pound, making it one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. The reason for this is believed to be its harvesting method which requires a lot of manual labour.
  2. White Alba Truffle: These fungi are super expensive as they are quite rare. Almost impossible to cultivate, they are found in Northern Italy. Their price goes as high as $600 per 100 grams. No wonder they are aptly called” Diamond of Alba”.
  3. Pule Cheese: What makes this cheese so incredible is the fact that it is made out of a donkey’s milk. You can get your hands on this delicacy, only made to order for $1300 per kilogram.
  4. La Bonnotte Potato: Bet you thought potato was the last thing you would see on this list! But these are not any ordinary potato, these luxurious potatoes grow only in a small French Island and are in season for just a week. They cost around $500 per kilogram.
  5. Hawaiian Kona Nigari Water: If you believe that water is free and is readily available then you probably have not heard about Kona Nigari Water. It is sourced from a kilometre below the surface in the Hawaii West Coast. It is said to energize you and improve your skin. Fascinating, isn’t it?
  6. Yubari Melon: It is hybrid of two varieties of melon and has an incredibly sweet taste. They are often sold in pair and costs from $90 to a whopping $2600.
  7. Vanilla: Yes, the most common ingredient in our kitchen is quite expensive. A Vanilla pod is fermented and aged so that it can develop its beautiful aroma. Because it is done manually, a pound of pure vanilla pods can cost up to $4000.

It’s usually said that money cannot buy you happiness, but it can undoubtedly make your dinner table extravagant and sumptuous. Won’t you indulge now?

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