Seven must-have tools for an aspiring home baker

If you love cakes, cookies, bread, pies or tarts and want to go a step ahead and bake them yourself, but don’t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place as we help you to start with basics baking tools.

If you have just started baking, Congrats!! You are about to enter the exciting world of flour, cream, eggs, butter, lots of creativity, and not to forget a lot of fun. Before embarking on this journey, you should know the basics of the baking. So, you have your recipes sorted? Ingredients done? The next thing is to have proper baking tools. Confused? Don’t be as we are here to help you with selecting the essential baking tools which you would need.

  1. Oven thermometer

The first and the most important thing you would need for baking is an oven thermometer. Experts advise that every baker should invest in an oven thermometer as temperature plays a very crucial role in baking. If you have less temperature than required your baked goodies can turn undercooked and high temperature can burn them.

  1. Stand or hand mixer

Stand mixer helps in mixing the batter, whipping up the buttercream and making that perfect dough. The best part about having a stand mixer is that you can mix and produce large quantities and also it is hands-free. But if you are starting and don’t want to put in so much money on a stand mixer, hand mixer works just as good.

  1. Measuring cups and spoon

We have to understand that baking is a science and like in a science experiment, you need to put the ingredients in exact quantities to make your baked goodies yummy. Measuring cups and spoons are a must for measuring the precise amount as per your recipe.

  1. Spatulas and Whisks

For whisking, to mixing and scraping clean of your bowl, spatulas and whisks are vital tools for any baker and a definite must-have.

  1. Mixing bowls

Again, an essential tool, they come in different material and sizes. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. But it is advisable to use the glass mixing bowl as they don’t strain and you can see your batter or dough quite clearly.

  1. Baking pans

They too come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Choose whatever you like the best. The new bakers can start with circular, square and rectangular-shaped tin. You can buy more when you experiment more with baking.

  1. Cooling Racks

A very vital tool but often forgotten, cooling racks are needed for cooling your baked goodies as they come out of the oven. If you skip this step and tool, you may encounter your cakes, cookies becoming soggy. Try to find something in your kitchen if you don’t want to buy a cooling rack as an alternative.

There are many more tools useful for your quest to becoming a pro baker. Keep on adding tools as you learn more and experiment. But the above seven along with an obvious oven is a good starting point!


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