Should Uniforms Be Compulsory In School? 5 Pros And Cons Of School Uniform

From undermining basic human rights to breaking class barriers!

Boys and girls going to school is a common imagery in most of the countries. It has become so regular that we don’t feel the need to talk about the positives and negatives of the uniform.

School Uniforms: Positives And Negatives

Nowadays, a new topic of debate has arisen and that is how good the school uniform system is? Almost everyone is engrossed in this discussion. So, after a detailed research, we have put down some pros and cons of school uniforms.

Class Barrier Between Same-School Students Breaks:

Irrespective of the economic situation of the students, all of them wear the single uniform. That is why the comparatively richer students don’t wear more flashy dresses, and the working-class students do not get discriminated against, based on their appearance.

More Focus On Study:

Some people argue that with less focus on which type of dress a student has worn, attention towards study generally increases. Students utilise most of their time in classwork.

Less Bullying:

Pro-uniform people suggest that if every student wears uniforms, it creates communal harmony among them. Hence, the chance of bullying reduces.

Establishes School Spirit:

If all the students use the same school dress it increases the brotherhood/motherhood among the students. They become a team working together, hence the spirit of the students in a school goes upwards.

Helps To Identify Students In Excursions:

During educational excursions, it is easier to identify a pack of students if they are wearing the same uniform. So, the chance of losing track decreases significantly.

Interschool Socio-Economic Barrier Shows Up

Private schools and other expensive schools select more expensive and flashy dresses as uniform compared to government schools. Thus, the interschool difference becomes prominent.

No Proof Of Educational Excellence Due To Uniforms:

Although, there is no scientific proof that supports the point of view that uniforms help improve results. In fact, uniforms have no effect on marks or overall result.

Casual Sexism:

Schools make a hard and fast rule for the girls to wear ‘feminine’ dresses like skirts or saree. Those girls who don’t want to wear traditional dresses don’t get their voices heard.

Uniforms Are Expensive:

Uniforms are generally available in some selected shops. Hence, the price increases due to high demand and less supply. Working-class people are unable to buy such expensive clothes due to low income. This discrimination needs to be stopped according to anti-uniform people.

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