Sings to spot emotional intelligence in your partner

One of glowing personality traits we *should * be looking for

We’d all like to think that our partners have the best of qualities and emotional intelligence is something we don’t really think about. When it comes to being in a relationship, emotional intelligence is so underrated.

Emotional intelligence is something that affects how to navigate social life, relationships, work etc to result in a positive result. Even though everyone has emotional intelligence, the level can vary from person to person. Like a person with high score will be able to identify emotions that they are feeling, while others can’t. And because the former can label their emotions, they can skillfully make decisions that are productive.

Think about it this way: a partner with high emotional intelligence will talk about problems without making you feel bad, they will argue with you in the relationship and they will argue well and most importantly, they are sensitive to your needs.

Here are the signs to spot emotional intelligence in your partner

Highly self-aware

They know themselves pretty well and can easily articulate their emotions and explain them to you.

Highly empathetic

Since they know almost all emotions, they can relate to you when you vent after a long day. They are good listeners as well.

Not impulsive

Spontaneity can be their thing only when it doesn’t disrupt your plans or feelings. They are spontaneous about a last-minute trip to Vegas but not impulsive enough to leave without even asking your first.

Have had long-lasting relationships

Being around people for a long time develops inter-personal skills. If you partner has had long friendships and have a good relationship with families, they will have an understanding of how relationships (romantic and non-romantic)work and gain high emotional intelligence.

Don’t mind boundaries

Since emotionally intelligent people are self-aware, they agree to setting healthy boundaries. They know when to say no to people when they encroach their set boundaries.

Aren’t afraid of arguments

People who are sure of their emotions are not afraid of commitments and any relationship is bound to have disagreements. They will be willing to sit down and talk about it instead of “going for a drink” to clear their head.

Make an effort for the people close to you

An emotionally intelligent partner will make effort to really know people you are close with. They know those people are a part of your life and engaging with them makes you happy.

Makes effort to grow

Emotionally intelligent people will look for opportunities to grow to be the best version of themselves. They ask for opinions and keeping in in the loop of decision-making cause your opinion will help them grow.


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