Six Unexpected Chocolate Flavours From Around The World That You Must Try

If your idea of the most unexpected chocolate flavors is from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, these six flavors will make your eyes pop out.

One small bite of the decadent sweet can make all your troubles disappear instantly. The world has some weird and unusual chocolate flavors. Here are six must-try chocolate flavors that you need to look for.

Sweet Potato KitKat, Japan

Japan as a nation reveres and loves its potatoes. Thus, the Japanese took their love for the root one step further by producing a bar of sweet potato chocolate. As soon as you open this purple Sweet Potato KitKat, a fragrance of sweet potato wafts out. This chocolate has a honey-sweet and rich taste. Well, at least you can now tell your mother you’re eating veggies!

Cheese Stick Chocolate, South Korea

Ghana is a massively popular brand of chocolate in South Korea. Cheese Stick is a cheese flavored chocolate of the brand, which is more on the side of candy. These individually wrapped Cheese Sticks are surprisingly lip-smacking, with a shell of milk chocolate and a softer inner filling of white chocolate. So, these are not exactly cheese sticks but are still unusual.

Indian Curry Powder Chocolate by Vosges, United States

Vosges is a brand known for producing exotic candy bars. Most of us are fond of Indian curry flavors. But can you think of munching on a chocolate bar with sweet Indian curry flavor? The Naga Bar by the Vosges is a milk chocolate with coconut flakes and Sweet Indian Curry Powder. The muskiness of the curry and milk is a perfect blend and it leaves a slight burning sensation on the throat and tongue.

Chuao Potato Chip Chocolate Bar, United States

Chuao Potato Chip Chocolate Bar can enable you to enjoy two must-have snacks, chocolate, and potato chips. Combining the crispy and satisfying crunch of kettle chips with the rich and smooth taste of milk chocolate, the chocolate bar will utterly confuse your tastebuds. However, this savory snack will deliver you satisfaction.

Green Tea KitKat, Japan

Nestle has introduced over 100 unusual chocolate flavors from the local ingredients of Japan. The Green Tea KitKat is combined with smooth white chocolate and green tea to offer a sweet flavor and delicious fragrance.

Dagoba Chai Chocolate, United States

If coffee-flavored chocolates can exist, why not chai or tea-flavored chocolate for the teaholics? Dagoba has a Chai Chocolate and is right up every Indian’s alley. This chocolate contains ginger with an incredible essence of chai, and just a bite is enough to instantly delight you.

Wouldn’t the world be an intolerable place without chocolate?

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