Six Unhealthy Food Combinations That Can Make You Sick

Every food has a distinct flavor, effect, potency, and energy in the body. But some food combinations that we consume every day are harmful and can make us sick, causing indigestion, fermentation, gas, and bloating.

Unhealthy food combinations can lead to digestive problems. They can cause acidity and stomach ache. Some bad food combinations result in constipation or loose motion. The consumption of carbohydrates and proteins together can counteract and make you sick. You should try to follow a balanced diet every day, and to help you avoid consuming unhealthy foods, we have created a list of bad food combinations that can take a toll on your health.

Bananas with Milk

Health experts and dieticians prohibit the consumption of milk with bananas, melons, cherries, sour fruits, yogurt, and yeasted bread. If you are not fond of having milk alone, consider enjoying it with oatmeal, dates, rice pudding, or almonds.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

The acid present in tomatoes and dairy-based cheese can induce stomach ache. This food combination becomes very difficult to digest, and it is best to not consume them together.

Cheese and Beans

Cheese and beans may sound like a match made in heaven, but it can cause bloating, gas, and other serious digestive issues. So do not mix dairy products like cheese with beans to avoid falling sick.

Soda with Peppermint

You might have watched viral videos on YouTube and Facebook where peppermint candies are mixed with aerated beverages, causing the soda to erupt out of the bottle. Now imagine the same action happening in your stomach. It is also believed that if soda and mint are mixed in a specific proportion, it can produce cyanide.

Dalia and Juice

Many people have a nutritious bowl of dalia for breakfast with a glass of fruit juice. We often assume it to be a healthy choice, but it can do more harm than good. This unhealthy combination can instantly surge your blood sugar level — and after some time — it will drop drastically. Such drastic alterations in the blood sugar level is hazardous to health.

Cereal and Fruit Juice

Many people kick start their day with a glass of fresh fruit juice and a bowl of cereal. But did you know that this food combination can make you sick? Juice has acid, and milk contains casein — when consumed together — casein and acid combine together and tear down the juice’s enzyme. So have your juice at least an hour after or before having cereal.

You can now keep food poisoning at bay by eliminating these harmful food combos.

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