Published By: Jayati

Snack smart: Delicious high-protein Indian treats for every day!

Out with the snack skipping, in with the high-protein Indian treats! Let's snack smarter and sassier! 

Forget the old-school notion of starving yourself for weight loss. It's time to embrace a smarter approach. By incorporating protein-rich snacks into your daily routine, you'll not only satisfy cravings and keep hunger at bay but also boost your metabolism and support muscle recovery. These Indian snacks are not just tasty; they're also quick and easy to make, perfect for busy schedules. So, are you ready to join the snack squad? Let's do this!

Mixed Nuts 

Nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts are not only packed with protein but also loaded with healthy fats. Roasting a handful of nuts makes for a guilt-free and satisfying snack. And if you're craving something with a bit more flavour, try whipping up a mixed-nut chat! Just toss together some cucumber, chopped onion, tomatoes, boiled corn, and a squeeze of lemon. This high-protein, healthy bowl of mixed nut chat will not only satisfy your hunger but also your taste buds and your heart! It's a win-win for your health and your cravings. Enjoy!

Cottage Cheese 

Cottage cheese is a fantastic source of protein and calcium, making it a great addition to your weight loss journey. If you're looking to fill in those nutritional gaps, try enjoying a slice of cottage cheese in the evening. Alternatively, opt for a refreshing fruit platter with a dollop of cottage cheese on top. Simply take your favourite seasonal fruits, add a generous spread of cottage cheese, and don't forget to sprinkle some black pepper for that extra kick! It's a delicious and nutritious snack that's sure to satisfy your cravings and keep you on track towards your weight loss goals. 

Crispy Lentil Bites 

Lentil bites, or fritters, and hot chai create a unique taste experience cherished in Indian households. Made from cooked beans and spices, these fritters are rolled into small balls and air-fried for 8–10 minutes at 180°C (356°F) until golden and non-sticky. Ideal for snacking, they pair perfectly with dipping sauce for added flavor. Enjoy this delightful combo for a tasty and satisfying treat!


Fox nuts, or makhanas, are like the superheroes of snacks—low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. They're even loaded with protein and calcium, making them perfect for anyone watching their waistline. Also, they're a breeze to whip up! For a quick Makhana chaat, just toss them in a bit of salt and black pepper and give 'em a roast. Then chop up your favourite veggies, mix 'em in with the crunchy makhana, and you've got yourself a tasty treat. Feeling fancy? Add a dollop of desi ghee for an extra power boost. It's snacking made simple and delicious!

Chickpea Crunch Salad 

Chickpeas are like the Swiss Army knife of snacks—versatile and packed with protein! One delicious and nutritious way to enjoy them is by boiling them up and tossing them with veggies and a splash of lemon juice. With their high protein and fibre content, you'll stay fuller for longer, making them a perfect choice for anyone aiming to shed some kilos and stay on track with a healthy eating plan.  

Adding protein-rich snacks to your daily routine can seriously boost your health and diet. Whether you're enjoying chickpeas, nuts, or makhana, these snacks keep you feeling full and energized. They're perfect for anyone aiming to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, they're convenient to grab on the go and packed with all the nutrients your body needs. So go ahead, indulge in guilt-free snacking, and stay healthy and happy!