Sneaky Signs Your Body Needs More Carbs

Don’t listen to those who believe carbs are not good for you.

When your goal is to eat healthy, you usually start off by cutting down on carbs and that’s understandable. Most people who advise you to eat healthy would ask you to stay away from carbs. However, in that process you often end up on completely eliminating carbs from your diet and that is where you mess up. Not all carbs are bad for your health. There are complex carbs like whole grains and the ones found in vegetables that are essential for a balanced diet. Carbs act as the fuel for your body and when you ghost out o carbs entirely your body sends signals craving for some carbs. Here are few signs that your body asking for carbs and you should pay attention to these signs.

The Sinful Junk Food Cravings

One of the surest signs your body sends out when it is lacking in carbs is the uncontrollable craving for junk food. Running low in carbohydrates makes your body react in a way that would force you to give it something to refuel. That means an increased craving junk food that comes from hunger. It is not necessarily appetite but hunger. The body looks for something and anything that would build up the energy blocks back. During this time, it becomes harder for you to look beyond the junk food mostly because they are loaded in carbs. So, when you find yourself unnaturally hunting down junk food, take it as a sign that your body wants carbs.

The Scary Bad Breath That Could Drive People Away

When you consume too little carbs, your body enters the state of ketosis where your system relies on fatty acids to act as the fuel. Your bidy breaks down chemicals called ketones responsible for fruity smelling breath. The ketenes are produced by the liver and when your breaks down ketones for energy it releases halitosis, a chemical that gives rise to bad breath. Naturally, bad breath indicates that your body is running low on carbs.

Working Out Feels Dramatically Exhausting

When you find it difficult to get through your workout routine it’s usually because your body does not have enough carbs. The carbs fuel your muscles and gives you the energy you need during a workout session. Having low concentration of carns in your body would make your feel lethargic.

Urbee Sarkar

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