Some awesome uses of potato you might not know about.

Do we really know everything about our staple vegetable, potato?

Potato is a staple in almost all parts of the world, and we all love it! May it be delicious and decadent aloo ka paratha or sizzling potato fries; potato rules our hearts and stomach. They are not only delicious but are loaded with calcium, minerals, potassium, manganese, and vitamin c. But other than it being tasty and full of health benefits, potatoes are also known for many other uses which would surprise you.

Helps removes stains on dishes.

So, you took out your best china for the meal and guess what? It is strained with curry, turmeric and not to forget the berry desert, which has changed the colour of your plate. With a regular dishwashing bar, these strains are hard to get but don’t worry, we have an amazing hack for you guys. Just slice a piece of potato and rub it into your plates and dishes. And like magic, the potato will take away even the toughest of the stains.

Effective hair mask.

Do you want lustrous long, and shiny locks? Use potato to DIY an amazing hair mask. Just puree on potato and remember to keep the peel. Add lemon juice (1 lemon). Apply this mask generously to your hair and scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

It can help you grow roses.

If you love roses as we do, potatoes can really help you with it. Just insert a rose cutting in a potato and then plant that potato in the garden. The moisture and nutrients in the potatoes help in the growth of the plant, and within no time, you would have your very own bed of roses in your garden.

Excess salt in your curry?

The most irritating thing that could happen while you are preparing a meal is the extra seasoning of salt. Seriously, nothing can ruin a dish more than an extra pinch of salt. But trust your kitchen companion potato to solve this problem for you. Cut few pieces of potatoes and put them in your curry, and let them simmer down for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, take out the potato pieces, and your curry has become lesssalted.

For those puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes? Slice a potato and place the pieces on your eyes. The starch which is present in potato would help reduce the puffiness and even soothes your eyes.

So, how do you use your potato?

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