Some behind the scenes secrets of professional songwriters

Behind every famous song, there is magic of a talented songwriter.

Every hit song that had you dancing, crying, swooning is magically created by a team of talented individuals. Behind every song, there is more than one person whose talent sometimes goes unrecognized by people. Songwriters are one such people. They are the ones that put their heart and soul in a song with the magic of their words. And when singer lends their soulful voice to those words, truly heartfelt compositions comeinto existence. So, how does the business of songwritinggo?Do they make any money like big singers? Let’s dive deep into the world of songwriters and know more about behind the scene secrets.

Many of the songwriters have a musical career of their own

There are many gifted songwriters, from Pharrell Williams, Carole King, to even Ed Sheeran who have written songs for other talented musicians (we all have danced and swooned to BTS’s Permission to Dance, which was written by Ed Sheeran). So, despite writing for other artists, these people have a successful musical career of their own.

They don’t necessarily have or need traditional musical education

Contrary to what many people believe, songwriters do not need to have educated in playing an instrument or reading the musical sheets. You can be a terrific songwriter just with a great musical sensibility. Ester Dean, the genius songwriter behind many hit tracks for Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, says that her voice is her instrument, and producers mostly send her the tracks without the words, and she writes the lyrics and records herself singing them filling the track.

Songwriters can have other jobs

Not every songwriter has salaried music publishing positions, so that is the reason why they have torely on many side gigs to make money. If you are not one of the top songwriters, then you cannot expect huge royalties, and many times, music streaming services give a lot less to the artist than expected. Hence, the side gigs.

One out of a thousand songs get picked up

Not everything is easy and rosy, as we believe in the business of songwriting. A songwriter faces rejection left, right, and centre. Not all the songs (no matter how great they are) get picked up. According to many songwriters, many of their great works haven’t seen the light of the day.

So, next time you croon your favourite artist’s song, remember the talent you gave words to a great song.

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