Some of the fascinating facts about ASMR

If you are curious about the current fad of ASMR and want to understand what is the whole hype about? Read on to find out more.

Have you noticed recently while browsing YouTube videos that an insanely large number of creators are doing ASMR content? At first, you are bewildered that why people are actually interested in watching whispering, crinkling of paper, people slurping and chewing their food? The fact is that ASMR helps people to relax and bring about pleasant sensation that goes over their head to toe. And do you know that ASMR is the thirst highest global search of the year 2020? It is literally breaking the internet, let us find more about the crazy internet phenomenon.

ASMR was coined on Facebook

In the year 2010, computer scientistJennifer Allen came up with this term on a Facebook post. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Now, this term itself has no official medical meaning, and most of the words used by Jennifer Allen is accentuate the tingly sensation people get when they hear these sounds.

 The creators of ASMR are called artists

Interestingly, the creators of ASMR who used different mediums to stimulate ASMR are termed as artists. There has been a massive increase in literature, shows, commercials, tv, art that have either used ormade reference to ASMR.

The first ASMRist on YouTube

The first ASMR artists who popularized ASMR is the anonymous creator of the channel Whispering Life in the year 2009. She revealed that she lives in England and is an optician by profession. However, she chose to keep her name private.

Health benefits of ASMR

A recent study shows that ASMR actually has various health benefits. It is known to cause calmness, tingling, excitement and a decrease in heart rate. It is also known to provide temporary relief in chronic pain and depression. Interestingly, many people admitted that ASMR helps them relax and also puts them in a relaxing sleep.

There is an ASMR day

On Facebook, a group named I am ASMR has declared its official day, and it is April 9th. So, the day is now unofficially known as International ASMR day.

ASMR is associated with misophonia

If you are one of those, who enjoy ASMR and are an experiencer, then you could be misophonic. Misophonia is known as the extreme sensitivity to certain sounds. It is a fairly common condition, and studies proved that most ASMR experiencer are more likely to have a misophonic tendencies.

So, have you ever watched an ASMR video?

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