Some of the highly successful people who lived with their parents


We often mock people who live with their parents and are dubbed lazy millennials. We bust this myth through this list of some notable people who started successful companies or launched popular products or careers while they were staying with their parents.

 Steve Jobs

He invented the original Apple 1 in his parent’s garage and also co-founded Apple Computer there. In 1975, Jobs was living with his parents and ran his business out of their garage for more than a year. It was only in 1977 that he moved to Cupertino and set up a proper office space.

 Rafael Nadal

Rafael’s uncle Toni taught him Tennis right from an early age, and Rafa has always lived in Manacor, Mallorca,along with his family. He says, ‘My family had always been the holy, untouchable core of my life, my centre of stability and a living album of my wonderful childhood memories’.

 Alexander Graham Bell

Graham Bell is known as the father of thetelephone and he lived with his parents until his most prominent invention. He lived along withhis parents in several towns of England and Scotland, during which he left home many times to study and teach. When he was 23, he and his parents moved to Canada from London. He finally moved out at the age of 25 when he went to Boston.

 Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer was 14, she convinced her parents to take her to New York for an acting roles’ audition. Her mother made a deal that she could get into acting after graduating from high school. As Lawrence started gaining success in commercials, TV shows and films, her family moved with her in 2007 to Los Angeles.

 Lou Gehrig

The baseball legend played 15 seasons between 1925 to 1939 and played 2130 successive baseball games. Besides his super success at the game, he is known to live with his mother till the age of 30. Eight years later, he succumbed to ALS, the disease that afflicted Stephen Hawking.

 Michael Kittredge

The Yankee Candle Company Founder started making candles in their parent’s garage at the age of 17 years. One day the neighbourshowed interest in buyingsome candles, which made Kittredge spot a business prospect. He became more committed and, before the Christmas of 1969,founded the Yankee Candle Company.

There are several other names like The Bronte Sisters, the famous authors; Orin Seybert, Founder of Peninsula Airways; Grigori Perelman, the mathematician, to name a few who found success while living with their mom and dad.