Some Video Games and Their Story Developments

The stories make a compelling experience in PC Gaming.


Since the dawn of the 21st of Century video gaming went from the arcade to the gaming modules to personal computers. Personal computers were popularized worldwide after 2000 and since then every home has sought these handy machines for several purposes. From writing books and calculating taxes in sheets to gaming. Today gaming has become a popular industry itself. Gaming is not just limited to the scope of computers anymore. Today we can play games on tablets and cell phones to the extent that they can be used for competitions and live streaming. But in this age of gaming and social media, let us look at some of the old games which arrived at the beginning of the century and left us dazzled with their graphics, gameplay, and of course the plots and stories.


The Prince of Persia Trilogy: The Classics of the First Decade

The first decade brought in Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia a game with the story of a prince and a magic dagger that could turn back time. Later they also came up with another version of this gaming series with the title Prince of Persia. But in this trilogy which consists of – Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones – the prince has a dagger with the ability to unleash the power of the sands. It can freeze time, slow it down, speed it up and even reverse it to allow the gamer to change their moves and get on with the fight or acrobatic stunts to clear the level.


The Grand Theft Auto series: The Social Storylines of GTA

This gaming series dealt with the various crimes of society and the people who did it either out of need or greed. This game is an open-world game, unlike Prince of Persia, where one can do several other things people do in their daily lives other than simply completing the missions. Getting licenses and impressing people are just some of the realistic things this game allows its players to enjoy.


The Strategy Games: Age of Empires and Civilization

The advent of such strategy games saw the socio-political stances of society and the history of the development of humankind. They not only allowed players to understand battle strategies and army formations but advanced games which came in the later decade involved the strategic play of maintaining political relations via trade and commerce to avoid war and even form strong allies with other nations.

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