Published By: Sohini

Songs you must play in loop almost on every long drives

Long drives without songs are no fun rather a serious mundane journey with frown faces…sounds kinda like some quote, right? Well but it's straight out true !

Imagine it's a long-awaited weekend and all you have decided is to join your buddies on a long drive through some highways, tunnels and beautiful cities…but wait ! All you realize on the journey is that your buddies have forgotten to create a mindful and soulful playlist.  It’s your part of the job now to plug in the aux cable in your smartphone and play classic, lyric heavy and heart warming songs. This article presents you some of the most heart warming songs that can add vibing to the chats and emotions.

Country Roads by John Denver

“Almost heaven…take me home…country roads”... the masterpiece by John Denver continues to be a part of every travel plan almost literally since the 70's. This signature song beautifully speaks about nature's pristine purity and a deep yearning for one's country, home. Nevertheless, this ode to nature and winding road journey are worth playing in every long drive, especially when driving through wide-open empty roads or near any country side.

Summer of 69 from the album “Reckless”

This evergreen music mania by Bryan Adams is an auditory treat for every listener, be it from the generation 80's or the teenagers of today. Released in 1984, Summer of 69 illustrates in our mind about nostalgic summer days, long bonds of friendships, broken hearts and a quick passage of time. Listening to this timeless giant will surely pull the group on a rollercoaster journey of nostalgia.

Hotel California from the 70’s

Perhaps one of the most popular and signature soundtracks of the band "Eagles", Hotel California with its grooving country-rock vibe can never leave your head without a rhythmic blow and nod. If you and your buddies belong to those peeps who love to rock, roll and groove to country-rock songs, then this classic gem is surely a try.

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay

“Life’s a drink…Love’s a drug”... these lines from the song “hymn for the weekend” created a trance in the minds of quite a many upon its release since 2016. Often cited as a song or an ode to life and all the positive vibes, this song translates and unfolds several meanings of life, love and faith. Keeping this mind refreshing and soul-nourishing song in your playlist, can surely put some magic in your moments of joy.

Long drives and songs are like a perfect meal…and have got all the power to make unhappy road trips end to happier ones. The next time you plan to hop on a long drive, be sure to include these songs to jump into a nostalgic, joyous and memorable ride.