Steps To Make A Cheese Plate

Get ready to go overboard with the cheesiness of a cheese plate!

Cheese plates are a quick and easy way to set up a perfect appetizer for a party, get together or any holiday entertaining. More so, because who does not love a plate full of cheese! We mean, you can never go wrong with plate full of cheese and the more the better. Making a cheese platter for a party is an extremely easy and fun task and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Just make sure add some perfect crackers and side dishes that go perfectly with cheese and you will be set for your cheese plate party. Here are the steps you can follow to create a great and tasty cheese plate.

Start By Getting Your Cheese Board and Bowls Ready

First step would be to get a wooden cheese board and some wooden and ceramic bowls to keep your cheese in. The bowls would hold cheesy dips while the wooden board would be for your cheese cubes, blocks and slices.

Add The Cheeses

Remember that the cheese should be served at room temperature. That means, get your cheese ready 30 minutes to an hour before your plan on serving it. You can either take the cheese out of fridge beforehand and keep it on your table to be cut and placed on the board later. Another way to do it would be to already cut and place them on the cheese board and keep it in the fridge. Bring the entire cheese board out an hour or 30 minutes before serving it.

Add Sides To Your Cheese Plate

You will obviously not offer your guests cheese to be had with nothing else to go with it! Although, we see no problem in that but that is not how it is to be done. Add some crackers, fruits, nuts and fan them out on the cheese plate evenly. You can also use some bread roasted or grilled with the cheese. Placing variety of sides with your cheese plate would give it texture and character. So, do not skip this step.

Add Veggies And Olives

Add some olives both black and green to the cheese plate into the bowls you have placed before. This would bring a variety of flavors to your cheese plate. You can also add some pickled vegetables or baby carrots to go with the cheese.

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