Sure-Fire Tips And Tricks To Become A Chess Master

Irrespective of how you are in chess, you can always improve your game. With all the right attitude, practice, and habits, getting better at chess can be both simple and fun.

To get better and improve your chances of winning, you need to play a lot of games, learn the rules better, review your moves, study the endgame, practice puzzles, and not waste time on openings, and always remember to double-check every move. Below are some sure-fire tricks that can help you become a chess master.

Open with a pawn

Move the pawn two squares forward in front of the queen or king (a pawn moves two squares only on its opening move). It opens numerous pathways for your queen and bishops to enter the game. They move on an angle and will not get exposed to the battlefield if pawns are guarding them in the way.

Always watch your back.

When it’s your turn, always consider your opponent’s last move. Observe closely to figure out if your opponent is laying traps to capture your pieces, and then plan your move. It is crucial to double-check your move before you play them.

Get the bishops and knights out.

Before moving your rooks, king, or queen, move your bishops and knights toward the centre. Get the bishops and knights out from behind the pawns so they can launch an attack.

Castling is key

Castling is a move that will enable you to bring your rook into play while moving the king to safety. As long as all the squares between the king and your rook are unoccupied, you can move the king two squares toward the rook. You may launch an attack on your opponent’s king if they neglect to castle.

Attack in the middlegame

After bringing all your bishops and knights into the game and castling them, the middlegame begins. During the middle game, constantly lookout for ways to capture the men of your opponent. Capture any piece that is unprotected. Keep looking for ways to move as many of your men into position to launch attacks against the enemy king.

Study basic endgames

After trading away most of the pieces, you will be left with just kings and a few pieces or pawns in the end. It is called the “endgame”, where generally the goal is to promote one of your pawns to a queen. Studying to navigate the endgame will help you win many games.

Good luckand follow the tips above to slay your opponent and become the ultimate chess master.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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