The Best Vegetarian Savoury Pies To Try

The best way to celebrate vegetables would be to make them into a pie!

Pies are irresistible! Moreover, there are so many options to choose from and that only makes them better. From savoury to non-savoury, vegetarian to non-vegetarian you can never be disappointed in a pie. That being said, most people do not find vegetarian pies a very appealing choice and they could not be more wrong. Here are some vegetarian savoury pies that would leave you licking your fingers.

The Smoky And Rich Chickpea Pot Pie

Chickpea pot pie is probably one of the most satisfying vegetarian savoury pies you could try. The pie is filled with a lot smoky goodness and the distinct flavour of the vegetables that go in it. Moreover, the dish has a beautiful and golden crispy crust that would make you want to go in for more. This pie would be the best addition on your table for the holidays and would even serve as your favourite comfort food during the winters.

Broccoli Cheddar Pot Pie For The Cheesy Moments

If you are craving some cheesy indulgence, this vegetarian savoury pie could do the job for you. This dish is one of the easiest pies you could make without compromising on the flavour and taste. Broccoli can be considered as quite a bland and boring vegetable, but with this pie even broccoli would become a star. This dish has the potential to become the ultimate pot pie with the way it melds cheesy indulgence and broccoli goodness together. In fact, you can even consider using this pie as one of your vegetarian options at a party and you will not be sorry.

Mushroom And Seitan Pot Pie Is A Creamy Treat

A lot of vegetables go into this vegetarian pot pie dish, but what steal the show are the seitan and the mushrooms. This pie is rich in taste and flavour and would be best for those to try who do not believe in vegetarian pies. This pot pie has the creamiest texture and the richest flavour that could sweep you off your feet. If you are confused about what vegetarian savoury pie you should be going for, try this one with your eyes closed. Moreover, the mushrooms in this pie set the dish class apart and you wouldn’t have had anything like this before. It serves as a great comfort food too!

Urbee Sarkar

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