The importance of using seasonal tyres according to temperature

We know the importance of having good car tyres but unfortunately there is a lack of knowledge about car tyres, even with car lovers. Some people have little knowledge about the width and tread of the tyres but even that is not enough. It is because the factor that affacts the tyre of any vehicle the most is temperature. There one should know what kind of tyres are suitable according to the climate.

Be it a two-wheeler vehicle or a truck, the tyres for all are made up of similar types of rubber compounds and hence they react the same in different weathers. If you own a vehicle, you must know how expensive it is to buy new pairs of tyres and they are not something one buys every day. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the right kinds of tyres first hand so that you don’t have to go through the trouble after every few months. There are different types of tyres available in the market according to the season and they are known as seasonal tyres. Let’s talk about their importance.

Summers – The season which affects the body of the tyre the most is summer. It is because during this season the scorching heat damages the treat and the body of the tyre. There are UV rays present in the sun and their harmful compounds are dangerous for things made up of silicon and rubber. High temperature and heat can result in loss in traction while driving as it makes your tyre bald. Bald tyres are not considered as safe as they can be deadly on a hot road. In such a temperature, you should always use summer tyres as they have a hard body which does not melt easily in the heat.

Winters – If you live in an area which remains mostly cold, you should opt for winter tyres. By cold, we mean that if you are living in a temperature which goes below than 7 degree Celsius, you should only buy winter tyres. It is because summer tyres or any other tyre will slip on the winter road and it will increase the chances of road accidents. Winter tyres, on the other hand, are made up of deep rooted treads which absorbs the water and prevents the tyre from slipping on the road.

Snow – For snow, there are different tyres used which are known as snow tyres. These tyres are designed with specialized snow dispenser which lies beneath the tyres. It removes the snow and makes your ride comfortable.

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