The Interesting Ways to Build Up Strategy in Chess

It is not just about playing the correct moves; it is about playing the right one in the correct opportunity.


Chess is perhaps one of the oldest games we have ever known and it originated in India under the name of Satranch. A chequered square box of 64 with endless possibilities – so many, that it requires super-computers to run some decent simulations of games. This game has fuelled the minds of many and has even turned them beyond the cognition of the real world in some cases. Such a game however has also been the amusement and memorable times of countless people. It is a game that people have bonded over, fought over, and made peace over.

It is trivial to imagine that such a game has had plenty of time to grow and people have had plenty more to think over how it could be played with each piece having its own unique set of moves. Here are some ways you can enjoy this game and develop some neat strategies as you play along.


Divide the Game into Sets of Three: Proceed with the Judgement of How Each Set Should be Played

The game is ideally played in three stances or situations. The opening game lasts for the first couple of moves where both the players try to develop their board structures with defenses, offenses, and linkages between pieces to leave out no piece unguarded. The 8 pawns and 2 knights are the only things that can begin your game. 

A Knight’s Opening will give you an edge with the knight’s unique set of moves of 2 and a half. This will allow you to grab hold of the four central squares – namely e4, d4, e5, and d5 – and push your defenses into position. Try a defensive strategy when playing as black and offensive when playing as white.


Play Neat Openings: Opening Games Will Give You Quite the Edge

Play your knight and queen. The knight queen formations with pawn development can be studied and experimented with to get control over a majority of the board, all the while trying to corner the king into checkmate.


Checkmate: Work on Your Endgame with All the Possible Piece Combinations

Once you have cornered with a knight-queen and pawn formation move towards the endgame by cornering the king. If you have lost all those pieces use a bishop-rook formation or a rook-knight formation to push through. First corner the king whilst avoiding a stalemate – since that’ll be a draw – and push the final piece to completely get the king into a check and then consequentially mate.

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