The “Nut” Case: Some popular nuts that aren’t nuts!

Our whole life is a lie.

Lately, we have realized that categorizing any fruits, vegetables and now even nuts in any category is kind of risky. For example, a tomato tastes like a vegetable but is categorized as a fruit. Eggplant is a berry, and so is a watermelon! So, prepared to be even more amazed to see your favourite “Nuts” were not actually nuts. Before we dive into this topic that what are nuts and what is not, we must know what, according to the botanist, is a nut? A nut is a one-seeded fruit that is dry and is encased in a hard ovary wall. It means nuts are not supposed to open when they reach their maturity. So, here are some of the nuts that don’t fit the criteria and hence are not classified as nuts.


Almonds, too, are not a nut. Sad but true. They are actually a seed of peach-like fruit. As stated earlier, nuts are not found in soft fruits, so what is an Almond? Botanist classifies Almonds as drupe seeds. What are drupe seeds? They are like peach pits.


Yes, your favoured partner during those cold wintery evening with friends and family is also not a nut. Why? Read the definition again. Botanist considers peanuts as legumes like soybeans, chickpeas. Legumes are found in self-opening pods and are grown underground and above ground.


Another drupe seed alongside Almond. Walnuts are known for their various health benefits are grown in a soft fruit like Almond. Walnut shells are also very useful in scrubs and many other things.


Coconut, even though it has a nut in its name, is not actually a nut but instead a giant drupe seed. But it can be referred to as the most useful drupe in the world as it can be used in drinking, eating and even making ropes.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are not exactly nuts but are seeds. These seeds are harvested from the pine cones with a meticulous process. Because it involves such precision, its selling price is always on the higher side.


Pistachio is also a drupe seed that is encased in a shell. But its shell automatically pops open when the pistachio reaches its maturity.

So, now you must be thinking if all of them are not nuts, which nuts actually be qualified as nuts? The answer is Chestnut, Hazelnut and even acorns. Share this newfound knowledge with your family and friends.

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