Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Things That You Probably Didn't Know About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is perhaps the best playwright who can evoke all the senses in his audience through his dialogues.

The life of William Shakespeare has been no less than fascinating with the characters that he has developed that also left us fascinated. If you are a fan of Shakespeare and want to know the fascinating tale of the story teller then keep on reading as the list of facts gets more interesting.

Marrying an Older Woman

Yes he married an older woman but there is no reason to think that this is because he might have had a wild nature. The actual incident was that Anne Hathaway was unmarried and along with that she was three months pregnant at that time. So this raised a number of eyebrows in the church and to save her from the judgements of the society, the 18 year old Shakespeare married 26 year old Anne Hathaway.

An Actor as well as a Writer

Many of us only know that he was a writer who mesmerized everyone through his plays and sonnets. But very few know that he also had the passion for acting. He acted in several of his own plays as well as in plays written by others. It is even evident that he played the role of the ghost in Hamlet and Adam in As You Like It.

Influence on English Language

For ages the English language has been influenced by other languages and there are a number of loan words that make up for the richness of the language. But it also borrowed some words from its speakers as well. There are many terms that we use now which were not used before the introduction of it by Shakespeare. Words like and phrases like fashionable, lackluster, sanctimonious, in a pickle, wild goose chase and many more. He was also the inventor of some popular English names like Miranda, Cordelia, Jessica and Olivia.

Closeness to the Royals

The popularity of Shakespeare was so widespread that he was very popular with the royals like Queen Elizabeth the First and later King James the First who became a diehard fan of his work later on. He loved his theater company so much that he named it Grooms of Chambers which Shakespeare renamed to King’s Men. The innovative title made the King more like him even more and he made Shakespeare his official court performer.

What are your thoughts about these facts? Did they make you like him more or not?