Things you might not know about Beethoven

We all know about his music; it is time to know the man behind the music.

One of the greatest composers to have ever lived, Ludwig Van Beethoven needs no introduction. He was born in Bonn, Germany in the year 1770. Music was in his genes as his father and grandfather both were singers in the state choir. He was a bit self-involved and considered dramatic by his peer but was extremely loving to all his friends. He composed almost nine symphonies, piano sonatas and string quartets. Even after losing his sense of hearing in his twenties, he went on to compose some of his most prominent works. Let’s know more about the man whose Piano symphonies revolutionized the way we know music today.

He was pushed into music by his father

His father, Johann Van Beethoven, recognized the signs of a great musician in him, so he started training him when he was just a child. Some people even suggest that Johann method were sometimes harsh and strict as he forced Beethoven to practice night and day to hone his craft. Neighbours sometimes remarked that it was pitiful to see a small child standing on a bench to play the piano crying uncontrollably and his father standing and forcing him to play.

He was terrible at mathematics

Beethoven had to leave school at the mere age of eleven to help with household finances. So, he could not learn how to divide and multiply properly. It is believed that till his last day if he had to multiply 55 to 40, he would lay 55, 40 times and then add them up.

At the age of 17, he performed for Mozart

The pioneer of music from Vienna, Mozart was an illustrious name in the world of music. He was known for his unimpressed views of his peers and other musicians. During the recital, no one knows what happened, but it is said that Mozart walked out of the room after saying, that keep your eyes on this young man as he would one day give the world something great to talk about.

His improvisations were legendary

His performances also had a special feature; he would improvise a lot while performing. In fact, one of his famous contemporaries, Johann Baptist Cramer, often told his students that if they haven’t heard Beethoven improvise that they have never heard improvisation.

But this stellar composer left for his heavenly abode at just 56, leaving behind the legacy of timeless classics we know and love till today.

Priyadarshini Kaul

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