Things You Need To Keep In Check From The Very Beginning Of A Relationship

Tips to build your love life in a healthy way

Love is the purest feeling ever. It enchants one’s mind, flourishes mindfulness, develops a sense of responsibility and care. It helps to be stronger. Those who love to love are the strongest people in the world.

But in today’s society, more relationships are formed than broken up every day. Today the average lifespan of a relationship is 6 months. The number of long lasting relationships is very few. Let’s discuss what is happening that relationships are falling apart so quickly, where are the flaws.

The question of commitment

We all talk about commitment while talking about relationships. But, what does it actually mean? Is it about being mentally and sexually loyal to the partner? Is being monogamous can be called as cammited?

People usually don’t understand what the commitment is actually about. The commitment that is necessary in a relation is the commitment towards the relationship and mutual expectations of each other. Being committed is actually taking responsibilities of the relationship.

The level of compatibility

Relationships are not a matter of joke, as it comes during the teenage years. The health of a relationship mainly depends upon the comfort and level of mutual understanding. If the partners are able to live together without compromising with their own standpoints and way of life, it can be said that they are compatible. It doesn’t mean that there should be a 100% rigidity and no compromise, it means a mutually accepted minimal compromise which doesn’t affect their identity, can be accepted.

Equity of stake

Both the partners should be responsible about every element of the relationship. There shouldn’t be any one’s upper hand or control in a relationship, which leads the other one to live like an inferior. There should be equal stake and equal control on the relationship. If one’s opinion is not given equal importance, then it is obvious that it will turn into a toxic relationship at the end of the day.

Equity of liberty

Both the partners should get equal liberty and right to live their life in their own way.

No faking

Whatever happens, there should be crystal clear understanding between the partners. One shouldn’t ghost or hide anything from the other partner.

Building a mutual perspective

And all these are only possible if there is a mutually understood perspective towards the relationships, their life and the society. There may be some conflicts and debates also but those should be accepted respectfully.

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