Three Sports That Cannot Be Played Left-Handed And Why

What can three sports only be played right-handed? It is an incredible question you can ask the next time you need an ice breaker at a gathering.

This question will surely be stirring everyone’s grey matter. You have to think really hard about it and begin visualizing people playing sports in your mind. The answer to this question is – Polo, Jai Alai, and Field Hockey. That’s correct! There are three sports that do not allow left-handed play. While it is impractical to play Jai Alai left-handed, players are banned from playing Polo and Field Hockey left-handed owing to safety concerns. Keep reading to understand why.

Field Hockey

It is mandatory in Field Hockey to make use of right-handed sticks owing to the difference in perspective between the players, which maximizes the chances of injury. A field hockey stick has both a flat side and a rounded, but during the game, only the flat side can be used.

Why can’t a left-handed person play field hockey?

If you are a natural left-hander, you can play field hockey but only with a right-handed stick. Using your feet or any other part of the body is prohibited in field hockey unless you are not the goalkeeper.

Jai Alai

Jai Alai is only played by right-handed players. This sport is played by two or four players on the court. Jai Alai is played by throwing the ball against the wall, and the opponent player has to catch and return it. The game’s objective is to throw the ball in such a way that it becomes difficult for the opponent to catch and return the ball.

Why can’t a left-handed person play Jai Alai?

This game requires the players to put on a Cesta (the basket by which the players catch and throw the ball). Jai Alai cannot be played by left-handers because the Cesta can’t be worn on their left hand as the wall is on the left side.


Polo is another sport that is meant for right-handed players only to ensure safety. Playing left-handed was banned to avoid the chances of a head-on collision between the players.

Why can’t a left-handed person play Polo?

As a right-handed player and a left-handed player head for the ball, they would not pass each other without colliding with one another. The logic behind banning left-handed mallet play in Polo is that it significantly mitigates the chances of a collision, with every player staying on the same side, just as the principle of driving.

But left-handers can still play these games if they practice playing right-handed


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