Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Beans

Coffee is a matter of personal taste but choosing what’s best for could feel like a task.

You are hoping to channel your inner barista and make your own coffee at home that could obviously save some bucks. However, while choosing to brew your own coffee seems like a pleasant idea, the whole game becomes a letdown if your do not have the coffee beans that suit your taste. We have all been at this stage sometime or the other. You start with a selection of the best coffee beans; gather knowledge about its flavor profiles and origin. However, most of the times we end up feeling disappointing after the first exciting sip. However, getting the best coffee beans for yourself is at least easier than selecting your dream house or car. Here are a few tips on how to select the best coffee beans.

Know The Beans You Want

Commercially, there are two types of coffee beans available in the market –Arabica and Robusta. While the Arabica variant is a little more on the lighter side that tastes fruity, delicate and slightly acidic, Robusta is more bitter and full-bodied. Both these variety of beans are grown in different conditions. Moreover, coffee beans from different countries will undoubtedly taste different. The brew that you would like depends on a lot of factors and conditions in which the coffee beans are grown including, climate, soil, altitude, rainfall and all of these play a vital role in determining the taste.

Select The Type Of Roast You Want

The flavor that you get in your freshly brewed coffee comes from the process of roasting the coffee beans. When you smell the freshly harvested green coffee beans they smell more like green pepper as opposed to what you smell in your favorite café. If you want a smooth tasting brew, select the light colored and dry coffee beans that are roasted for shorter time giving them less bitter flavor. On the other hand, if you like your coffee bold and bitter, go for the darker roasted beans.

Determine Preferred Caffeine Content

When it comes to caffeine content, the dark and light roasted coffee beans have opposite indications. Darker and longer roasted coffee beans are lower in caffeine content while lighter coffee beans have higher caffeine content. Again the Robusta variant is more caffeine concentrated as compared to Arabica beans. Select according to your preference.

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