Tips To Get The Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Make the perfect mashed potatoes at home with these tips and tricks.

Have your mashed potatoes disappointed you ever? They may have turned out too lumpy or somewhat over-whipped or too bland. There’s nothing better than a generous serving of some creamy mashed potatoes that can elevate any dish. It is the comfort factor in a plate of sophisticated food. However, the simple and humble mashed potatoes could very easily go wrong if you are not too careful with it. Of course, practice makes a mash perfect but there are a few tips and tricks involved too that would help you whip up the best mashed potatoes in the neighborhood. Here are a few tips for making the perfect mashed potatoes.

Boil The Potatoes In Large Pieces

Your main aim while boiling the potatoes is to prevent too much water from entering the potatoes. Cutting down small pieces of potatoes and boiling them gives the water a higher chance of getting into the potatoes. The more water in your potatoes means lesser the flavor in your potato mash. The solution is to boil the potatoes whole. Keep the potato skins on while you are boiling the potatoes and remove them only after you have cooked the potatoes. This will keep the flavor of the potatoes intact. Also, remember to not let your potatoes cool down before you mash them. For the best taste and texture, mash the potatoes as soon as they are out of the boiling pan.

Add The Fat First

Many people make the mistake of adding the cream before the fat in the masked potatoes. Wrong move! Add the fat first and while we are on the topic of fat, butter works the best. Adding the fat to your mashed potatoes first before you put in any other liquid makes sure that the texture of your potato mash stays firm before the cream softens it. Doing it otherwise will leave you with a gooey and watery mixture and nobody loves that!

Add Aromatics To The Fat

If you want to take your mashed potatoes to a different level, make sure to infuse the fat with some aromatics. While your potatoes are boiling, put on a stove, add your cream and infuse it with some aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme or whatever you prefer. This would help in adding a delicious depth of flavor in your mashed potatoes.

Urbee Sarkar

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