Top 5 picks from Starbucks that you can’t give a miss!

With plenty of customizable options to choose from, Starbucks has few on the menu that you just can’t skip trying. Here are the top five you shouldn’t miss trying.

Who doesn’t need Starbucks to fuel up in the morning or right after work? With their extensive and equally tempting menu, it gets difficult to make a choice. Here are 5 best picks in coffee, Tea and cake that we bet you will love!

  1. Banana chocolate loaf

The Chocolate Banana cake at Starbucks is to die for. The best by far. It’s fluffy, perfectly moist, tender and filled with gooey choco chips. This melt in mouth banana cake slice will keep you full, up till lunch. This isn’t sweet like other cakes which is why you can choose to have it any time of the day. Goes well with a cup of hot latte or a simple cold coffee. We bet you would not like to share it.

Warning* it is Addictive!

  1. Iced Matcha Latte

A very unique concoction of steamed milk over ice and matcha and vanilla syrup. It’s creamy, smooth and has the right blend of flavours. The ideal hydrating and detoxifying drink that you need for the rest of the day. It’s light so go straight for a tall glass of this gorgeous green tea latte.

Tip* You can skip the whipped cream on top if you want to keep it light. 

  1. Hot Chocolate

If you are a hot chocolate lover, this one is for you!

The perfectly steamed milk with vanilla and chocolate syrups. The hot chocolate at Starbucks is just MAGIC! A perfect blend of mocha flavoured syrups topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate – flavoured drizzle.

If you are health conscious, you can opt for a shorter size, choose non-fat milk and skip the whipped cream.

  1. Double Tall Caramel Mocha – No Whip

When you crave for something sweet to sip on yet keep it less strong, Double Tall Caramel Mocha is what you need to order! The perfect amount of caramel blended with plain milk and coffee is all you need to soothe yourself after a long hectic day. It’s no less than a dessert.

  1. Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with Vanilla

A perfect drink for when you want to give your coffee a ditch and indulge in a chocolate rich drink. Full of chocolate chips and a dash of vanilla. It’s rich, creamy and chocolaty, a short size is good to go.

You will not like these picks just for their taste and popularity but also because they can be customized according to your choice of milk, sugar and cream.

Now you know what to order next when you are there!

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