Published By: Satavisha

Top Five Indie Musicians From India Who Should Be On Your Playlist

India is best known for its classic Bollywood music, remixes, and the comparatively new hip-hop genre - amid all the mainstream music, the indie genre is finally making its way in India.

Indie refers to independent bands and artists who produce and distribute their content through low-key record labels instead of mainstream record labels that typically offer massive exposure through marketing and other advertising means. Indie artists primarily rely on low-profile record labels that are mostly owned by them. Below are some Indie musicians from India who should be on your playlist.


Udyan Sagar, best known as Nucleya, which is his stage name, is an electronic music producer. He is one of the first music artists in India who began their music career independently. After jumpstarting Bandish Projects, he released 'Koocha Monster', his first album, and it certainly deserves your attention.

Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad is a talented singer and songwriter. He has gained prominence through his angelic and mesmerizing voice. While Prateek has been a popular name for years in India, 2019 was an upsurging year for the artist internationally. He did not just become the most-streamed singer on Spotify but also featured in Barrack Obama's favourite music playlist the same year.

The Local Train

This Indian rock band was formed in 2008, and The Local Train has achieved immense success ever since and has now become a staple in cultural and music festivals across the country. They are best known for their mesmerizing blend of Urdu and Hindi lyrics and their crude sound that perfectly resonates with young music lovers. The band constitutes four members – Raman Negi, Paras Thakur, Ramit Mehra, and Sahil Sarin.


This rock band originated nearly a decade ago in Bangalore. Parvaaz features Khalid Ahamed for vocals, Fidel Dsouza with bass, Sachin Banandur on drums and percussion, and Mir Kashif Iqbal as the guitarist. They are famous amongst college-goers, and their performances typically involve Hindi lyrics accompanied by heavy-duty beats.

Anu Jain

Anu Jain is an Indian singer and songwriter and also a TEDx speaker. He started his own YouTube channel back in 2012 - aiming to create good music. Some of his best hits include Baarishein (his first studio-recorded music), Ocean, Maula, and Riha.

The outstanding achievements made by these unorthodox musicians keep getting better each year, and we are grateful for their individual effort in producing music that touches our hearts and soul.