Top Flight Simulation Games One Must Play

If you are a gamer who once dreamt of becoming a pilot but the plan did not go your way; worry not because, in the present times, you can play several flight simulator games that are as real as it gets

Simulator games are pretty popular in the gaming community. From truck simulators to train simulators, there is no dearth of good simulator games in the world. Therefore, for those gamers who are into simulator games, we have compiled a list of the best flight simulator games presently accessible in the market.

Why this article deserves your attention?

Flight simulator games are not merely games, but are a source of information and knowledge. At present, the flight simulator games are as real as it gets. Therefore, a gamer can learn a lot about how an aeroplane functions, the cockpit layout of various aeroplanes and what are the things to be done inside the cockpit. In short, apart from enjoying, a gamer can learn a thing or two about real planes.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, probably the best

From starting the engine of the plane to taxiing the plane to the runway and taking it off after communicating with the air traffic controller, Microsoft Flight Simulator has everything. The game also comprises a real weather engine that enables a gamer to experience the live weather of the region the plane is passing through. Not to forget, inside the cockpit of the planes, tons of switches must be operated.

X Plane 11, a game that has been used by several professional pilots to hone their skills

Launched in 2017, X Plane 11 is available on Steam at INR 1,700. The game is as good as Microsoft Flight Simulator, but since it is from 2017; we have placed it second. In terms of realism, X Plane is similar to Flight Simulator. From real-life active airports to real-world scenery, the game has everything. Not to overlook, one also gets to see active planes on the radar and communicate with the ATC.

War Thunder, for those who are into dogfights

If a gamer is not into commercial flights but dogfights, War Thunder is the game to play. War Thunder is not merely a flight simulator game but a combat vehicle simulator game that allows a user to control tanks, naval vessels and combat planes. When handling a combat plane, one can feel the bullets piercing the armour of the plane. Last but not the least, the game being free is the best thing about War Thunder.

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