Top Indian Chefs.

In India, the food that comes out of the kitchen tastes different because every kitchen star has its unique style of cooking and serving. 

When we talk about India, we don’t fail to mention the delicious dishes from different states of our country. Although we cannot write about every kitchen star in this article, we made an effort to list the famous Indian chefs. It is their unique cooking style and signature dishes that they gained popularity among the global audience.

Let us look at the list of the top Indian chefs who made our country proud.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Do you remember watching the famous cooking show Khana Khazana on Zee TV? From this TV show, Sanjeev Kapoor gained popularity to become one of the most celebrated chefs from India. His cookery show ran successfully for about 649 episodes. Today, he has written over 150 best-selling recipe books, won several culinary awards and became the owner of a famous restaurant chain- The Yellow Chilli.

Chef Kunal Kapur. Settled in New York, he is one of the celebrity chefs from India. Chef Kunal Kapur won several awards, including the Epicurean Guild Award for Food Entertainer-2017. He wrote several cookbooks.

Chef Vikas Khanna. The owner of the Michelin star restaurant-Junoon, he is among the renowned Indian chefs around the world. Initially, Vikas Khanna started as a star chef in different restaurant chains in India- Leela Group of Hotels, Oberoi, The Taj and Welcome. He is also the winner of GQ India Man of the Year, 2012.

Chef Ritu Dalmia. She started her career on a different path but followed her passion and became a renowned chef. Chef Ritu Dalmia wrote the best-selling cookbook- Italian Khana and hosted a TV show under the same title too. Today, she is the owner of multiple restaurants in the heart of India’s capital, Delhi.

Chef Vineet Bhatia. The very talented, successful restauranteur, chef and Michelin Star winner- Chef Vineet Bhatia, is a globally recognised name in the business. He is known for his unique cooking style and easy-to-follow recipes. You might identify him as the visiting expert in of the famous web shows,

The Final Chef Shipra Khanna. She started her career from the popular cooking show- MasterChef India 2. After winning the season, she never looked back. Her recipes are usually the modified and more delicious version of some of our favourite dishes. Chef Shipra Khanna is known for the simplified cooking techniques and easy recipes.

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