Traditional Diwali recipes.

The relationship between festivals and traditional sweets is similar to the covalent bond between atoms- unbreakable.

As we look around in the neighbourhood, we find festive moods everywhere. From beautifully decorated balconies to lit up streets, Diwali is mainly the festival of lights. However, Diwali preparations remain incomplete without the encapsulating aroma of traditional sweets and snacks coming from the kitchen. We cannot imagine celebrating happiness without the taste of favourable and traditional mithai.

Not wasting much of your time, let us skip to the part where we talk about the traditional Diwali recipes.

Gulab Jamun has to be on this list without any confusion. It might have a fancy name and appearance, but it gets prepared simply in a few steps. In other words, gulab jamuns are yummy khoya balls dipped in sugar syrup. Its rich texture and taste make it the perfect dessert for every occasion.

Kaju Katli/ Kaju Barfi is one of the favourite Diwali sweets. These are diamond-shaped sweet that gets prepared using roasted cashew nuts, cardamom powder and sugar. During Diwali and other festivals, confectionaries stay overcrowded with people demanding Kaju katli. However, with easy recipes, they get prepared at home in an hour or two.

Samosa is the go-to snack for every occasion. It is a spicy and crispy triangular snack item that gets served with different types of chutneys. The stuffing in the samosa plays a vital role in defining its taste. You can prepare it at home using simple ingredients, such as flour, potato, peas, oil and salt. In short, chai-samosa can save your gatherings.

Paneer Tikka is an Indian appetizer prepared by grilling marinated paneer chunks and gets served with chutneys. These soft and favourable paneer cubes are a spicy treat to our taste buds. Paneer tikka is one of the popular snack items from the vegetarian menu that acts as an alternative for various tandoor items. It gets served on different occasions and is loved by all.

Dahi Bhalla, also known as dahi vada or dahi bade or dahi balle, is a popular street food found across South Asia. It is prepared using fluffy vada (urad dal fritters) and dipped in creamy dahi. Dahi Bhalla gets its lip-smacking tastes from the sweet and spicy chutneys. It gets served as an evening snack or a dessert item on occasion.

Bhakarwadi is one of the popular snack items from Western India. It gets made with flour, shaped in spiral forms, stuffed with different ingredients and deeply fried. Some of the common stuffing are coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Bhakarwadi is a sweet and spicy snack that gets served with tamarind chutney.

These are some of the well-known Diwali recipes for you to try.

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