Tricks to tell if someone’s trying to manipulate you

Have you fallen prey to a master manipulator? Find out!

Have you ever noticed how people try to get their way by hook or by crook? If you have ever fallen victim to such instances then you may be an easy prey for manipulators. Manipulators will almost always go to any extent to make you think about stuff or convince you about something at their will. This is because they are great at reading people and often try to prey on people who they feel could be in a vulnerable position in life. So, here are a few ways to identify a manipulator. While everything on the list may not match with the traits of a single person the presence of at least multiple of these traits can help you identify manipulators around you.

They leverage your vulnerability

Whenever you are vulnerable around this person they will try to get their way with you. This could be anything that wants to get done or any material favours as well. This can also happen when you are in a good mood.

It is always their plan which everyone else has to agree with

You will notice this pattern in master manipulators over and over again. If they want to go somewhere and others have a different proposition in mind, they will convince others in various ways to agree with them in the end. When this happens over a long period of time, keep an eye on such people and look out for other tactics that they use.

Extremely impatient characters

Do not confuse manipulators with people who want to quickly get done with their work. Manipulators have to have everything done in their sweet time and when they ask for something to be done. They do not wait for other people.

They are not good listeners

They will try to inflict their opinion onto you without giving you chances to make your perspective clear. This is how they ensure that you finally agree to their opinion no matter what.

Guilt tripping others

They are sometimes nice to people and mostly have an intellectual charm about them which they use to guilt trip other people. This is very effective in getting their way.

They will not appreciate you

They are seldom nice to you, but even when they are nice to you or appreciate you they will use this to get some use out of you. They will frequently remind you how they have been nice to you previously when and if you deny them a favour later.

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