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Typical Colombian Dishes That Every Tourist Should Know About

Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes in Columbia that everyone should try.

Dishes from Colombia are hearty and savory. So splash some aguardiente on it and turn up the salsa. Here's a taster's guide to some must-try Comida Colombiana.

Bandeja Paisa

Colombians consider bandeja paisa to be their national cuisine. The original intention of this mega-calorie breakfast was to provide rural laborers enough fuel to last them the entire workday. The modern equivalent is a hearty lunch eaten on holidays or whenever hunger strikes.


Like the English pasty or the Jamaican patty, the empanada is a convenient and tasty food to have on the go. You may put whatever you desire in the stuffed pastries, and cheese are all good choices. Although you can find empanadas all around Latin America, what sets Colombian empanadas apart is that they are virtually always deep-fried.


In Colombia, it is common to create a dinner out of elementary components. Soups and stews, where the ingredients are simmered for an extended period, are a terrific method to extract the full taste of food. Sancocho is the name for the classic Colombian stew. 

Almuerzo Corriente

Lunch is an art form in Colombia, and so is the power lunch, or almuerzo corriente. The traditional Colombian record of this noon meal consists of a soup served first, followed by a large main dish that often includes rice, lentils, and a small salad.

Chocolate with queso

'Chocolate with cheese' is the literal translation of 'chocolate with queso. You would not think of cheese soaked in hot chocolate as a typical dinner, but it is a staple in Colombia. In the Colombian city of Bogotá, choco con queso is a popular choice for breakfast and late afternoon snacks. Unexpectedly delicious is the mix of the steaming beverage with the stringy, melting cheese.


Fried offal is combined with other delicious ingredients to create fritanga. Fritanga may not seem appetizing, and its flavor is undoubtedly acquired, but it's a terrific way to sample cuts of beef you would not otherwise try.

Czuela de Maris

A creamy seafood stew called cazuela de Maris cost is a coastal staple. Coconut milk, various veggies, and spices are used in its preparation; any seafood can do. However, prawns are the most common. Soups like these are ideal for any time of year since they can be eaten anywhere, even on the beach during summer.


Bread-like bites called pan de Bono are tiny, circular, and flavored with sweet cheese. People around the country grab a quick taste of the ubiquitous pan de Bono and wash it down with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in the morning. This Colombian bread is a must-try for every bread enthusiast.