Unbelievable Facts When Reality is Stranger than Fiction(ii)

For something to be unbelievable, it doesn’t have to come out of Ripley’s Museum but ordinary things too seem fantastical when viewed from a different perspective. Here are a few unbelievable facts that can sneak up on you.

All humans on earth can fit in one cubic mile of space.

Hard to believe that all of 7.8 billion of us will fit into a cubic mile but it’s true. It’s not a square mile but cubic mile – so people will have to stacked as well. If you put every one in six feet tall, one foot high and two feet wide boxes, in a cubic mile space, you can easily put more than 12 billion boxes. The true unbelievable fact here is that such a small amount of human can create so much effect in this planet.

Chainsaws were invented for child birth

The first versions of chainsaws were hand cranked and was meant to help with child birth. However, the chainsaws in question were nothing like the chainsaws you are imagining in your head right now. They were used in a surgical procedure called Symphysiotomy and actually helped improve maternal mortality rates during the time they were in use.

Sharks are older than Saturn rings

You must have heard that sharks are one of the oldest forms of life that have not evolved much for a long time. Even then, it is hard to imagine that sharks were roaming the massive oceans of earth even before planet Saturn got its iconic rings. Astronomers have calculated that the rings of Saturn are 10-100 million years old. The shark on the other hand is here since 450 million years. To put it in perspective, first humans appeared only about 1.4-2.4 million years ago.

Weight loss is a form of carbon emission

When you are working out and burning fat, all of it is actually getting converted into carbon dioxide. Whatever body weight you have lost, more than 80% of it is converted into carbon dioxide and the rest of it is mostly water. So, choosing not to go to the gym and lose weight because you want to help the environment is a valid excuse.

There are no 100% true facts

Even though it sounds ridiculous but we all understand that in science we can’t prove something to be hundred percent correct. You can make claims, provide evidence to support that claim. You can only prove something to be false. So, there are no facts the you can be 100% sure of. The only exception here is linguistics because it’s a matter of definitions of things and not any outcome.

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