Unusual food combinations that taste amazing

Have you ever tried experimenting offbeat food combinations that actually turned out to be delicious?

Some of us keep trying weird food combinations, salty with sweet, apple with cheese, fries with honey, which sometimes result in a disaster however most of the times they seem to be pretty good. Listed below are some unusual food combinations that might seem bizarre on the frost go, but will change your perception once you taste them.

French fries with ice-cream

You probably have seen most of your friends dipping French fries in an ice-cream scoop, and made fun of it. Well, to your surprise, this combination of salty with some sweet and cool takes the mixture of sweet and salt to a different mouthwatering level. The hotness of the fries coming in combination with the coldness of the ice cream, is something you should give a try once.

Avocado with chocolate sauce

The not-so-preferable taste of avocado can be completely sidelined with the addition of the chocolate sauce into it. This makes the food a perfect combo of a vegan chocolate mousse, with the silk texture of the avocado adding new richness to the taste.

Oreo in orange juice

Now before you start pissing off into “who even does that?”, let me tell you, this combination will add a unique orangish tangy flavor into the Oreo. Ultimately the juicy twist in the biscuit is something you are definitely going to admire.

Apple with cheese

This combination is not very weird as in England people prefer adding cheese to their apple pie. As classy as it sounds, this weird combination is something one should try, ringing a different taste to the family dinner table. I bet your children are going to love it!

Mango with chili

To all those who haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out a lot of excitement in your life, I must say! Spicing up the sweet mango with a bit of chili powder will make you taste this combo again and again. It brings a sort of kick to your soul. You can also add a pinch of salt to make it a heck more sizzling. Without wasting a second, buy some mangoes and try this weird but delicious combo at once.

Chips in chocolate sauce

Another intriguing combo to try with chocolate sauce. Dipping chips into chocolate sauce, or spreading the sauce all over the chips will give you a flavor of caramel popcorn in a cheaper way. The savoury mixed with sweet, is a hell of a delicious treat, mostly favored by children.

Pizza with honey

Yes, you got that right! Honey makes pizza weirdly delicious, give it a try on one pizza slice if you don’t believe. Although it sounds extremely unusual, adding hot honey into the pizza toppings is the most offbeat yet tasty combination.

Are you preparing yourself to try some of these weird combinations today? Get it done right away!

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