Vegetarian Vietnamese Dishes You Will Love

Vietnam is not really a vegetarian’s paradise but there are some culinary gems that you could give a try if you want to explore the vegetarian side of Vietnam.

Finding vegetarian food is not the easiest task in Vietnam. However, that does not mean that Vietnam does not include in its cuisine some extraordinary vegetarian dishes. Surprisingly, as it turns out, Vietnam has a load of choices for vegetarians if you know what to order. In fact, some of the eating joints in Vietnam are solely dedicated to vegetarian dishes. The Vietnamese cuisine allows has a diverse selection of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes that if you skip out on you will be sorry for the rest of your life. Here are some delicious vegetarian Vietnamese dishes you could try if you are looking to find some.


Rice is a staple in the Bietnamese cuisine. XoiChay, more commonly known as sticky rice can be had with varieties of vegetarian options. XoiChay is prepared by cooking the rice and then slicing the freshly cooked rice into round and flat shapes. Once the sliced cooked rice dries up, it is fried in a heated oil pan until they turn golden and crispy. The vegetarian version of the XoiChay is served with coconut, chickpeas, broccoli, mushrooms, sugar, red chilli, and pepper along with other spices. This Vietnamese deliciousness can be found at every street corner in Vietnam and is great choice for vegetarians.

Banh MiChay

This dish is a vegetarian take on the famous Vietnamese snack known as Banh Mi. The dish incorporates a French style baguette sandwich filled with cheese and tofu. If you want to go for a healthier vegetarian version of the dish, you can also opt for Banh Mi that has vegetable salad for its filling. Almost every street food stalls and fancy restaurants have Banh Mi in their food options and chances are that more than one would be willing to serve you the vegetarian version of this dish.

Dau Sot Ca Chua

Dau Sot Ca Chua is an authentic dish of Vietnam that all vegetable lovers would enjoy. It is made of fried mixed with tomato slices, spices and herbs. This vegetarian Vietnamese dish offers you tofu that melts in your mouth and the flavors of the tomato and chilli oil or sauce served with rice is a delicious explosion in your mouth.

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