Ways You Can Use Cornflakes Beyond Just A Bowl And Spoon

Give you cereal bowl and spoon a rest and let cornflakes take you on an unexpected culinary ride!

Looking at the humble bowl of cornflakes one hardly wonders if it could do more than just add crunch to a bowl of milk. As simple as it may look, you can even make cornflakes fun if you would just know the right things to pair with it. Let’s be honest, cornflakes are crunchy and often it’s even fun to have it simply plain without milk. Moreover, they come in different types of flavours which give you a range of culinary options to explore. Here’s how you can give a chef’s touch to cornflakes and elevate them to a different level.

Coat Your French Toasts

This is an extremely easy trick to elevate your usual French toast, but believe us when we say that you would not want to go back to your normal French toast after you have tried this one out. Coating your French toast with flavoured cornflakes makes them super crunchy and gives them an extra dimension of flavour you never though could have been possible. All you have to do is simply add some flavoured cornflakes to the batter you have made ready for your French toast and it’s done. Dip your bread in the batter and fry it in the pan and your crunchy flavourful French toast is ready.

Turn Them Into Croutons

How many times have you been left unsatisfied because you did not receive enough croutons with your salad or your soup? The solution had been sitting on your shelf all this time. Add cornflakes (better if they are flavoured) to your salad or soup and they would work perfectly as the croutons. Here’s another tip: if you have only plain cornflakes at home, you can simply add the flavour to it. Sprinkle some seasonings as per your choice and you would be sorted.

Replace Bread Crumbs With Cornflakes

Imagine that crunchy delicious outer layer of the fritters that come because of the bread crumbs. You can get more crunch into your favourite fritters by just replacing the bread crumbs with cornflakes for the coating. You do not even have to grind the cornflakes to get the golden crunch and that’s the beauty of it. Simply follow your usual process before you fry your fritters and coat the stuffing with cornflakes instead of bread crumbs.

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