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Weight Loss Plateau And How To Lose It

Get rid of that stubborn weight that just refuses to leave you.

Getting past the weight loss plateau seems like an impossible task. However, just because you have hit the stagnant weight, it does not mean that you have to live with it forever. You can easily try a few tricks and tweaks to restart your weight loss mode. Getting stuck at the weight loss plateau after a while is normal for anyone who is trying to lose weight even if they are following a healthy and active diet and lifestyle. However, there’s no reason to feel discouraged and sulk over the stand by weight. Here are few tips you can try to get out of the weight loss slump.

Say No To Carbs

Low carb diets can boost your weight loss process. According to most studies, people who follow low carbohydrate diets are like to lose more weight in less time than those who follow traditional diets. When you feel like your weight has hit the plateau and there’s no way you are seeing the weighing scale tick, just switch to a low carb diet and watch the magic happen. It will bring you out of your weight loss plateau in no time and soon you will be making progress.

Don’t Skip Protein

If you find yourself, stuck at the weight loss plateau, increase your protein intake. Taking protein in larger amounts will get your weight loss process moving again. This is because, protein boosts our body’s metabolism more that carbohydrates or fat does. Moreover, protein is also known for releasing certain hormones like the PYY, which is known for reducing appetite making your feel full for a longer period of time. Naturally, you will have a calorie deficit which will help you to lose the weight.

Increase The Workout Intensity

Amp up your daily workout routine if you want to get out of the weight loss plateau. As you lose more weight, the body’s metabolic rate keeps slowing down. Consequentially, losing weight makes way for a progressive reduction in the rate of metabolism which in turn makes the process of losing weight an extremely difficult one. However, increasing the intensity and the frequency of your workout routine could help you reverse that. In fact, try out some resistance training that would retain your muscle mass and would be the most effective in helping you lose the stagnant weight.