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What Are The 3 Common Factors For An Unhealthy Relationship?

An unhealthy relationship is built on lies and disrespect!

A number of key factors in a relationship reveal what the defining characteristics of that relationship really are. For example, how two people in a relationship treat each other, how quickly they resolve problems and in what manner they resolve them, etc., determine whether a relationship can be called an unhealthy relationship or not.

Things That Make A Relationship Unhealthy

When two people are in a relationship, the presence or absence of many things besides love can make or break the foundation of their relationship. In today’s article, we will look at 3 reasons that can make a relationship unhealthy.


An argument between two people in a healthy relationship never violates the line of decency. On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of an unhealthy relationship is unnecessary and excessive aggression. In an unhealthy relationship, one partner uses aggression at every turn to assert power over the other or to control him or her. This aggression can be expressed through verbal abuse or sometimes through physical abuse. When two consenting adults are in a mutual relationship, it is desirable to maintain the individualities of both parties equally. A relationship where one partner uses aggression to intimidate or humiliate the other is definitely an unhealthy relationship.


Toxicity can come in many shapes and forms. In a romantic relationship or marriage, if one partner tries to threaten the other in the name of ‘love’, it can be called toxicity. If one partner tries to prevent the other from studying or working, that can also be characterized as toxicity. Toxic partners never admit their fault, instead they always manipulate the situation in their favor and make the other person the ‘bad guy’. Toxic partners use many weapons to control or limit the other person’s position through emotional blackmail or violence. This type of toxicity in a relationship is extremely unhealthy and can completely destroy the other person emotionally by sucking every joy and confidence out of life.


Gaslighting is when a toxic partner intentionally plays with the other partner’s reality in order to dominate the other. In a relationship, both parties can make mistakes. In a healthy relationship, they both sit quietly and resolve any misunderstandings they have through communications. But, when one party tries to put all the blame on the other and refuses to take responsibility for whatever happened, when one party completely denies the emotional and physical needs of the other party by calling them ‘demanding’, ‘excessive’ or ‘unrealistic’, then it is reasonable to call the relationship unhealthy. Gaslighting is a tool that control freaks and insecure partners use to bully or dictate to another person. Love is not bullying, love makes both parties equal in a relationship. In a relationship, one has to feel emotionally and physically safe and secure. If that basic need is threatened or denied in a relationship, the relationship is an unhealthy one that should not be continued.

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