What is the practice of Dry Brushing and its benefits

Apart from making the skin soft, it also helps in blood circulation

As coarse as it may sound, dry brushing is all about scrubbing your body when it is dry. No amount of oil or water is to be added to the brush or the skin for scrubbing. Well, one should not get alarmed on reading this. It is not a new skincare fashion fad that emerged from the GenZ but a practice that has been popular since ancient Ayurvedic times. The practise of dry brushing has been a type of Ayurvedic medicine that is not just beneficial in exfoliating the skin but also helps promote excellent blood circulation. The whole concept of running the coarse fibres across your body is to remove the dead skin and, at the same time, help in enhancing the quality of the skin and its ability to eliminate toxins through the pores.

One should also remember that the scrubbing of the dry brush over the skin as to be in a synchronized pattern and not haphazardly. Doing so will harm the skin leaving you with rashes. But when moved, the brush in a set pattern over the skin exfoliates, beautifies, and cleanses the skin. Move the brush, gently massaging the body in an upward motion.

According to experts, this process not only brightens the skin but also makes the moisturizer go deep into the skin after the dead skin is rubbed off.

The benefits of dry brushing

Dry brushing has the effect of putting the body in relaxation mode.

Excellent natural exfoliator for the skin: All thanks to its coarse bristles that, when rubbed in a set pattern, brush away the dry, dead cells from the skin. As is the job of exfoliating, even dry brushing removes the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells stored over the skin throughout the day. As opposed to daily soap showering, dry brushing once in a while helps get rid of toxins we are not aware of.  The end result of this is increased cell turnover, softer, radiant, and smooth skin.

Activates lymphatic system and removes toxins: Dry brushing encourages the lymphatic drainage system. When you rub the dry brush, the lymphatic system gets activated, stimulating the pores and opening them up. This further helps in making it easier for the body to sweat and reduces the toxins flowing through the lymphatic system. In totality, dry brushing helps the body release toxins through sweat.

Nirtika Pandita

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