Why is drinking milk after the expiration date safe?

The thing which is important is the quality of food rather than the printed date!

At first, we should question ourselves about what expiration dates actually mean. Are the dates and cautions really to give so much attention or worth obeying? Well, here is a running reality check. It’s nothing but just a myth that the expiration dates in all kinds of foods (except exceptional cases) are nothing but just a literal print. Milk can still be safe to drink after the expiry date because of its relation to the quality of the product, not to the safety of the product. Though drinking spoiled milk can make people unhealthy, it’s easy to detect bad and good milk by smell, texture etc. How long until we can use milk, and why not worry about it? Let’s check it out.

Pasteurization: The process of destroying harmful bacterial substances

This process is done by keeping the temperature at 75 degrees Celsius. The milk is then heated for 20 seconds to destroy all the microorganisms. The hot milk is transported from one end to the other through a long length of pipe. It is then immediately cooled and thereby the shelf life of the milk is increased.

Homogenization: The process of milk pressurization

This process basically prevents the milk fat from separating and floating to the surface as cream. Through the process, the remaining fat in the milk is evenly distributed in the milk. The milk is pressurized by a multiple-cylinder pump and released through a very small passage. Thereafter it is cooled down to approx 35 degrees Fahrenheit so that its flavour does not deteriorate at any cost.

Procession: The proper ways of milk preservation

A small sniff test is required to see if the milk is still good after the date printed on the packet. If the milk is spoiled, a strong sour smell will naturally come out of it, and if you take the texture in your hand, you will see that the milk molecules have separated from each other and created an abnormality, then you will know that the milk is no longer suitable for consumption. Milk should be processed below room temperature immediately after purchase in an airtight or sealed container. As the number of harmful bacteria in milk gradually increases at higher temperatures, this is the best way to preserve milk, and you can store milk for more than a month without any problems.

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