Why tyres are a big reason your car fails MOT

There are several reasons why your vehicle fails at the MOT test like the bad condition of the engine, broken windshield, damaged registration plate, etc but one of the main reasons is tyres. It is because of the simple fact that tyres wear faster than other components of the car and their quality decreases quickly.

The sidewall of the tyre is an important part as it serves two main purposes: it gives strength and balance to the tyre& it has all the important information marked on it. When the sidewall of the tyre gets damaged due to cuts, bumps, etc. it leads to poor handling of the vehicle. There are several ways in which one can take care of the sidewall of the tyre

It is said that the health of the tyres depends upon the driver’s ability. If you want to maintain the sidewalls, avoid driving into potholes or bumps as it can affect the tyres. All tyres do not have a sturdy sidewall and therefore it gets out of shape when you hit a pothole.One should always store the tyres in a correct manner. There are people who do not know the importance of storing the tyres and end up damaging them. All tyres should be stored in a dry place after proper cleaning and in a horizontal manner.One should always keep their tyres clean. It is necessary to take your car tyres to a washing station or you can wash them yourself with warm water to ensure their quality. Check for any sharp object like nails, thorns, etc before driving your car.

MOT is a regular test conducted by the authorities recognized by DVSA that checks if the vehicle is alright for running on the road. The test is compulsory for all vehicles that are more than 3 years old and it has to be done once a year. A tester is appointed by DVSA who follows all guidelines and checks different parts of the vehicle to ensure the safety of the passengers and people travelling on the road. You can take your vehicle for MOT at any garage that performs the test and they will provide you with a clearance certificate if you clear the test.

How To Pass The Mot

Passing the MOT is not an impossible task. All one has to do is to take care of certain aspects and components of his vehicle. A person who regularly takes his car to a service station should not worry about the MOT but a person who notices unwanted noise or vibration in the car should.

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