Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Why we need more independent music and artists

Indian film industry is active in the game for more than 100 years. In its glorious run, the industry has produced some great movies and music. It has given chances to several newcomers and talents. However, there exist some artists who try their luck outside the boundaries of the industry. They are known as independent artists.

Independent music has its own charm. It is free from the rules and regulations and all kinds of standards and practices. It is the portrayal of an artist’s caliber and talent. Independent music has some kind of freshness to it because of the fact that an independent artist is free to experiment and deliver. They do not care about what is in the trend and what is going to work. An independent artist is known to deliver music from the heart. Here are few reasons why we need independent music in our life.

The era of remakes

We are living in an era where the culture of remakes is on fire. The sound produced in Bollywood lacks originality and every other composer is running behind the old tunes. It is heartbreaking to see the industry that has produced some great music in the past is now recreating the old hit songs. The problem lies in the idea and the execution too. What the music labels are doing is that they are using same old tunes and hook lines. They then add loud beats and increase the tempo of the song. The worst part is, they change the original lyrics of the song and replace it with slangs and jargons. Many music directors and singers have expressed their strong views on the trend of remaking old songs.

The magic of the 90s

Independent music in India became a rage in the 90s. It was a time when established singers like Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Falguni Pathak, etc. were trying their hand in the indie-pop genre and newcomers like KK, Mohit Chauhan, Shaan, etc. were figuring out their voice in independent music. As a result, so many great albums were produced in the 90s which are still loved and remembered by music lovers. The main reason for it was these songs were different from the ones which Bollywood was making at that time. They bought a sense of freshness along with them in terms of technique, beats, style of singing and lyrics.


At the time when the industry is going through a change and music is in its darkest phase, one can only hope from independent artists to come forward.