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Why You Don’t Know Me is a Must-watch

Released on 5th December 2021, You Don’t Know Me is probably one of the most interesting and unique shows on Netflix now. It is something that will surprise you, and although intense, it is probably something that will leave an impact for quite some time! Here are some things about the show that make it a ‘must-watch’! This show follows a young man from London who is accused of murder. The show follows his testimony in court and his endeavor to prove his innocence.

Commentary on Society

This show’s storyline deals with the presence of issues in society and the problems that different sections of society face. It deals with the issue of poverty, privilege, deprivation, racism, gender issues, and marginalization. It depicts masterfully well, the plight of people who are at the bottom of the pyramid, and how they are usually left without options, in a world, where the rich and privileged are predominant.

Excellent Acting

One of the reasons why this show is a must-watch is the brilliant acting and the excellent character development that takes place in the course of the show. All the actors, including Sophie Wilde who plays the role of Kyra, Roger Nsengiyumva who plays the role of Jamil, and Samuel Adewunmi who plays the role of Hero depict the complex characters that they play beautifully. It makes the entire show riveting and engaging. Not only the main actors, but even the supporting actors such as BukkyBakray who plays Bless, as well as Michael Balogun who plays Face are remarkable in their roles.

Questions stereotypes

This show depicts a nuanced plot and addresses the problems of society. As a result, it doesn’t fall into the trap of stereotyping on the grounds of race or gender that it might have. It breaks down the simple association of one’s identity with one’s choices. Rather it introduces a whole new feature, circumstances, tribulations, and a lack of privilege. These become the guideposts of the entire show. This show has an extremely interesting trajectory, and the suspense and sudden twists keep it interesting. As a result, even when you assume that it will end a certain way, there is a sudden surprise that completely changes the trajectory, from what you’d expect. It is unpredictable as a result, which is good for any show.

So, have you seen it yet?

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