Published By: Shruti Sharma

Workout Mistakes to Avoid to Lose Weight Faster

Working out religiously yet not getting the desired results? Scroll down to know the common mistakes people make in their weight loss journey.

A healthy diet in combination with a perfect workout plan is considered to be the best recipe to lose weight. Have you been investing all your efforts on a workout plan but to no avail? These are some of the workout mistakes that people commonly make that prevents them from losing weight despite a daily dose of sweaty sessions at the gym.

Not Engaging Your Muscles

You might have repeatedly heard this from your gym trainer or fitness experts. Engaging your muscles mean keeping the body tight while exercising to extract more benefit out of your workout. Exercising with a loose body not just makes you prone to more injuries but also prevents you from targeting the right areas for weight loss.

Following the Same Workout

As you begin with a particular workout, results come fast. But then you reach a stage of ‘weight loss plateau’ where losing any more weight seems like a mammoth task. This is because you continue following the same workout for a long period of time. Break the monotony in your workout regime to lose weight more effectively.

Not Increasing your Workout Time

Not losing any more weight could also be because you have not challenged your body enough. Increase the number of reps over time to get the desired results. Following the same routine, same number of reps and same amount of time for a long duration can bring your weight loss journey to a halt.

Consuming More Calories than you Burn

Not counting your calories while exercising can prove to be counterproductive. It is when you consume more calories than you burn that you stop losing weight. Keep a count of your calories to plan an effective workout.

No Movement Post Workout

In order to consistently lose weight, one needs to be active throughout the day. Having a perfect workout plan but moving enough pre and post it would not lend you the desired results. Keep your energy levels high and look for smarter ways in your daily routine to continue to lose weight.

Avoid the above mistakes to get better results out of your workout regime and diet plan. The key to a truly inspiring weight loss journey is avoiding these common mistakes and steadfastly working towards your goal. The ensuing results are sure to leave you and everyone around astonished!