Published By: Sreyanshi

10 Signs that you are wasting your time in life

What are we making of our lives? Are we wasting it? Find out following these telltale signs.

Are we wasting time doing things that do not have any use?

For example social media browsing. Many of us spend a lot of time during the day, scrolling social media feeds, or playing games on phone, or watching series… These are classing example of how we waste our time doing things that doesn’t add to our lives.

Are we experiencing lack of sleep?

It’s important for us to sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day and sleeping adequately is not just an option, it is a priority, otherwise our brain function will be compromised. Nothing is more important than a peaceful sleep, if we are not getting that, the chances are whatever we are putting our energy into isn’t adding to our health, not really.

Do we spend a lot of time with people who inject negative energy?

There are always some people who’d be more disturbed than others, they have their own issues going on and whenever we are around them, we kind of feel dragged into their drama. If that is our reality then chances are we are massively wasting our time.

Do we always prefer to be inside our comfort zone?

Most of the time people prefer sticking to their comfort zone, it’s true. But the sad fact is, being inside our comfort zones compromises our chances to learn something facing challenging situations. We can only learn when we get to face newer challenges, unless we explore more and challenge ourselves more, expanding out of our comfort zones, we are actually stuck in our reality. If we are stuck inside our comfort zones, we can never learn anything new. It’s a massive waste of time, this stagnancy.

Are we scared to plan for our future?

When we fail to stick to a particular future plan, we are driven towards confusions. It’s important to have specific future plans to supervise even when we plan to go with the flow. If we know our long term goal, then only we can take long term risks and play the long game. Otherwise we will always land up in unexpected places, going only with the flow; we will have no power over where the current takes us. Not having a future plan sucks. It is surely a massive waste of our lives.