3 Disadvantages Of Being An Influencer

A successful influencer faces innumerable challenges in addition to success!

In today’s world, the rise of digital media has opened up many new career options. One of the most popular of these is being able to establish a career as an influencer on social media. Today, it has become very easy to reach audiences of all walks of life at home and abroad. Nowadays, it is like a piece of cake to become ‘viral’ anytime by showing your talent by shooting videos at home with the help of a smartphone. These days, world-famous digital influencers earn millions of rupees a month, living a huge lavish life. So, choosing a career as an influencer may seem quite easy and lucrative while sitting on the other side of the computer or mobile screen. But is that really so? In today’s article, we will discuss this in detail. 

Being A Digital Influencer: Is The Path Only Paved With Roses?

The advantage of earning millions at the end of the month just by making videos from home – in a word, the life of a digital influencer may seem so simple, but it is not at all. It is not possible for a new creator to afford a huge team by spending a lot of money at the beginning of his career, so at the beginning of the career, everything from the video shoot to editing, uploading to marketing has to be done by an influencer himself which is quite laborious and hectic. Also, since there is no guarantee of success in this profession, and this profession comes with great uncertainty, not everyone can choose this line of work despite being talented.

Compromised Honesty

Like any other celebrity on the silver screen, digital media influencers also receive rewarding offers from many reputable companies to promote their products. It could be a cosmetics company, a clothing or footwear company. They usually ‘hire’ these influencers for a lot of money to advertise for their company and build a loyal customer base for the company based on the strong followers of that influencer. A lot of times, being responsible for money taken, these influencers give positive ‘reviews’ of many products whose quality is really questionable. Thus, the bigger the influencer is, the less credible he may seem to the subscribers and followers.


There is no financial security in this profession like in other conventional occupations such as doctors, engineers or corporate employees. Therefore, due to such uncertainty, it is not possible for everyone to consider this career option as a ‘profession’. Especially the children of poor and middle-class families, despite having dreams or creativity, cannot think of taking this line of work as a ‘profession’ due to such unpredictability.

Maintaining Audience Connection

There are many ‘famous’ digital influencers who went ‘viral’ overnight after just one video; maybe the video got millions of views, and maybe they got the same response in the next two / four videos, but in the end failed to maintain consistency, connect with the audiences. In the end, they failed to make a successful career as digital influencers. The biggest challenge for an influencer is to maintain consistency, and engage. Thus, they get cut off from the audience at the very beginning of the initiative.

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