Published By: Jayati


In a country where worshipping is a huge part of the tradition, stars tend to play a very important role in shaping the culture and fashion of the nation!

Fashion in India, from the inception of cinema in this country, has been influenced by its, whether it be clothes or even hairstyles, the general population tries and emulates what they see on the big screen to get a sense of living large. As a nation of dreamers, this becomes imperative and also such fashion trends are not only associated with style but also aspiration. In the Early 90s and Also a better part of the 21st century the culture has been dominated by Salman Khan, whose larger-than-life image is something a lot of young men feel attracted to. Among the millions of his fans, he is the only cultural icon, and what he does is sacrosanct. This list of hairstyles includes the ones that spread like wildfire among his fans and the general population alike and created a long-lasting and impressionable trend all over the nation.

The Back Brushed Long hair with Curls on the Bottom

Known to always go against the grain, earlier in his career he sported long hair, with curls on the bottom the young men throughout the country started to grow their hair out, the hairstyle was like an epidemic, where every second person walking on the street could be seen with long hair, and it was also a play on traditional masculinity on his part, die-hard fans can be seen with that exact look even today.

The Messy look

Everyone associates Salman Khan’s, persona with the creation of his iconic character ‘Prem’ during the nascent stages of this character, a young Salman, was seen with a kind of messy hair look, the youth around the country stopped combing their hair to reflect their admiration for the then star in the making this period in his career saw him going from a fresh face to a household name, to the point where tickets started selling by his name alone, this hairstyle could also be said as the start of the legend of this great modern superstar.

The Famous Middle Parting

This is perhaps one the most popular looks of his career, it can still be seen as reference posters in saloons all over the country, this came at a very crucial time in the mega star’s career as his on-screen image was changing from a lover to a rowdy macho man. This look stayed for years in the future and can be said to be the defining hairstyle of the 2000s.