Worst girlfriend from Bollywood movies that we pray nobody dates in real life

Thank God! These characters were figments of the writer’s imagination.

Bollywood has been known to give us some memorable roles and movies. But there are some very weird storylines, character edges, and storylines that make us shake our heads in disbelief. Bollywood has a way of glorifying toxic relationships (Kabir Singh…anyone). But what is problematic is that when it is glorified on screen. Not just the male lead, the female lead also has many cringy moments just to spice up the story and everything leads to picture-perfect happy endings. But thank God! Reel life is far too different from real life. So, here are some of the worst girlfriends from Bollywood movies that we genuinely pray nobody dates in real life.

Taani from the movie “Rabb Ne Bana Di Jodi”

Remind us again why the protagonist fell in love with her? She is everything we pray that a caring girlfriend/wife shouldn’t be. We agree that she was not initially happy with the forced match but what prompted her to fall in love with Raj who is callous, and douche bag instead of her husband who has done nothing but care for her in every way possible? And lastly, what makes her happy? Maybe a man without a moustache!

Chiku (Ruchika) from the movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

Though the movie is slightly misogynist in nature, we can expect such an extremely irritating character like Chiku. She is a rich spoilt girl who has a male friend with whom she shares not only her flat but even her room but is continuously invading her boyfriend’s privacy. Her obnoxious baby talk is creepy and intolerable. She keeps on bitching about her boyfriend with her girlfriends. We thank our stars such a girlfriend from hell exists in movies only.

Tanu from the movie Tanu weds Manu

We guess people fall in love with tsundere characters. Tsundere is a Japanese term for characters who are cold, stern, complete jerk and harsh but later are shown to have a warmer, friendlier side too. The term is applied to the male characters but Tanu is a perfect Tsundere female. She is obnoxious, rude, selfish, and indecisive. She leads on Madhavan even when she is about to be married to her “boyfriend” and Madhavan still falls in love with her! That is toxic love on another level!

Bollywood, can we have sweet romances minus toxicity!